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The Power of Precision Medicine

Technologies that Reduce Cost and Time of Drug Development

Biometheus provides to pharma, biotech and medical device manufacturers breakthrough technologies that significantly reduce cost and time of development of new therapies. 

Precision Medicine to Reduce Placebo Rates in Clinical Trials

Our first offering is a genetic biomarker that identifies patients with a heightened predisposition for an efficacy response to placebo. The exclusion of such subjects from clinical trials increases the statistical precision and can significantly reduce cost and time-to-market. Companies that apply the Placebo Gene Technology can increase their competitiveness manifold and maximize their returns through lowering development cost and earlier market entry.

A Winning Partnership

Biometheus is an IP driven company. We develop in partnership with academia and industry novel technologies that we license to end users. 

Breaking ​Research News: The Placebome

​What we offer:

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